Attractions in Kandy
Kandy city features some interesting attractions in Sri Lanka. Explore Kandy city by foot. Find the famous shopping centres for Jewellery and Hand Crafted items and variety of restaurants available in the vicinity. Kandy is a town of great culture and vast history and locals treasure it with all their pride and glory. The most important places that you can visit while in Kandy include the temple of the sacred tooth relic, the Kandy Lake where you can enjoy boat rides, various historical temples, museums, cultural centres, the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, the Udawaththakele Nature Reserve and many more. You can enjoy the cool climate in the night and enjoy the splendour of the Esala Perahera which a grand pageant that is held annually.

Temples and churches
  • Temple of the Tooth
  • Embekke Devale
  • Lankathilake
  • Gadaladeniya
Museums and Galleries
  • National Museum, Kandy
Parks and Gardens
  • Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya
  • Kandy City Centre
  • City Plaza Shopping Centre
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